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We are in the process of being listed with the top search engines.

Our advertising prices are reasonable.

 We have many links with various “friendly” community organizations and activities.
Our marketing force is participating in trade shows and Pride Festivals throughout the country getting the word out about Gay Business Referral.Com.
We have reserved funds specifically for advertising and promoting Gay Business

The founders have a deep understanding and commitment for supporting this business.

We share the following problems with many people in our community:


Employers won’t admit there are prejudices in the work force. After knowing people who have been railroaded for who they are by previous employers, passed by for raises, and promotions, as well as not being able to just be who we are, we knew it was time to do something to help our community.  We are promoting gay and gay friendly businesses so that we can be comfortable with who we are and without prejudice in our every day work environment.

Businesses owners won’t admit there is prejudice within their business, but after knowing people who displayed the rainbow flag on their car, and went to get their car repaired just to find out they were ripped off, and charged twice as much for being who they are. 
We want to do business where we can be comfortable speaking openly when we get a loan, insurance, banking, computer assistance, our tax return done and with the many other businesses that are gay and gay friendly business owners. 

We know that many of you feel the same way. 
That is why we created Gay Business